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Indonesia Needs to Adapt to Disruption and Challenges in Achieving the Indonesia Emas Vision 2045

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Selasa, 24 Oktober 2023 - 11:05 WIB

 Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno L.P. Marsudi
Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno L.P. Marsudi

Thepresidentpost.id - Surakarta, Indonesia -  “To achieve the Indonesia Emas vision, Indonesia needs the ability to adapt to disruptions and challenges, as well as the ability to seize opportunities arising from evolving environments", stated Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno L.P. Marsudi in her video keynote message during the opening of the 5th World Indonesianist Congress (the 5th WIC) in Surakarta, organized in collaboration between the Foreign Policy Strategic Agency (FPSA), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) (19/10). The 5th WIC takes on the theme “Towards the Golden Age of Indonesia 2045: Indonesia and Its Role on the Changing Regional and Global Landscape".

Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi also stressed that key endeavours to have those abilities include investment in human capital through high-quality education, the development of robust economic foundations, quality governance, and effective democracy.

“To become a major global player, Indonesia should envision its role in the world in 2045, and to this end, it is critical that we cultivate the identity and mindset of Indonesia as a developed nation, leverage our growing status as a greater middle power, capitalize on our rich culture as a uniting force and our soft power, and at the same time develop a defence and diplomacy nexus for navigating an increasingly complex world" as underlined by Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi.

In her remarks, Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi also welcomed the publication of the Directory of Indonesianists by the FPSA as part of the effort to foster better connections and collaborations among Indonesianists. The Directory of Indonesianists serves as a reference that hopefully will facilitate contact, communication, and interaction among Indonesianists and further contribute to the promotion of Indonesian studies and the emergence of a new generation of Indonesianists.

Dr. Yayan G.H. Mulyana, Head of the FPSA, in a similar tone, mentioned in his opening remarks that the Government of Indonesia has determined that by 2045 Indonesia should be able to improve its leadership and influence in the international landscape, including gaining its place in the Top 15 on the Global Power Index and being economically recognized as a developed country.

“In order to materialise this vision, Indonesia must overcome the problems of a developing nation, such as the middle-income trap, overpopulation, the quality of governance and democracy, as well as human capital", continued Dr. Yayan. He also hoped that through this congress, we would be able to rejuvenate the connection and reconnection among Indonesianists and between Indonesianists all over the world with Indonesia.

Throughout the Congress, all panellists and participants have exchanged views and insights on several issues, including on the significant megatrends, education to tackle future challenges, the necessity to build national resilience, building the identity of a developed Indonesia, and increasing Indonesia's leadership as an emerging power. The panel discussions offered valuable insights and recommendations for Indonesia's path towards becoming a developed nation. These insights will play a vital role in shaping the nation's future strategies and policies as Indonesia strives to achieve its vision for 2045.

The 5th WIC was attended by Ir. Ahyani, MA, representing Mr. Gibran Rakabumi Raka, Mayor of Surakarta; Prof. Irwan Trinugroho, Ph.D., Vice Rector for Planning, Partnership, Business, and Information Affairs, UNS; and Prof. Dr. Sutoyo, Rector of the Universitas Slamet Riyadi (UNISRI), Surakarta, and more than 300 participants from the Indonesianists, alumni of IACS, alumni of Dharmasiswa, think tanks, journalists, university students, and government officials from the related ministries.

The 5th WIC also invited 12 Indonesianists as panellists: (1) Prof. Greg Barton of the Deakin University, Australia; (2) Prof. Eric Jones of the Northen Illinois University, USA; (3) Prof. Ramaswamy Sudarshan of the Jindal Global University, India; (4) Dr. Gabriel Facal of the French Institute on Contemporary Southeast Asia (IRASEC), France; (5) Ms. Natalie Sambhi, Ph.D of the Verve Research, Australia; (6) Prof. Fukunari Kimura of the Economic Institute for ASEAN and East Asia, Japan; (7) Dr. Muhammad Saud of the International Islamic University, Pakistan; (8) Prof. Helmut Lukas of the Academy of Sciences, Vienna, Austria; (9) Prof. Hyung Jun Kim of the Kangwon National University, South Korea; (10) Prof. Natasha Hamilton Hart of the University of Auckland, New Zealand; (11) Dr. Rahman Yaacob of the Lowy Institute, Australia; and (12) Dr. Leonard C. Sebastian of the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), Singapore.

The World Indonesianist Congress (WIC) was first held in 2018. The WIC is intended to be a forum for Indonesianists to express their aspirations, concerns, and hopes for Indonesia. The congress' participants will exchange views and experiences on various aspects, especially on how Indonesia could assert a bigger influence in the international landscape. It is expected that the Congress can produce a set of policy recommendations to enrich the understanding and perspectives of Indonesianist toward Indonesia.


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