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Gov’t Issues Presidential Decree on Hajj Administration Costs 1445 H/2024 CE

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Gov’t Issues Presidential Decree on Hajj Administration Costs 1445 H/2024 CE
Gov’t Issues Presidential Decree on Hajj Administration Costs 1445 H/2024 CE

Thepresidentpost.id - The Government issued Presidential Decree of the Republic of Indonesia (Keppres) Number 6 of 2024 on the Hajj Administration Costs in 1445 Hijriah (Islamic lunar year)/2024 CE Sourced from the Hajj Travel Costs and the Value of Benefit.

This decree was signed by President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo on January 9, 2024.

This decree was issued to implement the provisions of Article 48 of Law Number 8 of 2019 on the Administration of the Hajj and Umrah Pilgrimage and Article 11 paragraph (1) of Law Number 34 of 2014 on the Hajj Financial Management.

“To determine the Hajj Administration Costs or BPIH in 1445 Hijriah/2024 CE which are sourced from the Hajj Travel Costs or Bipih and the Value of Benefit,” reads the Presidential Decree which can be accessed on the Cabinet Secretariat’s JDIH (legal information and documentation network) page.

The amount of the Hajj Travel Costs for regular Hajj pilgrims in 1445 H/2024 CE is as follows:

from Aceh embarkation point Rp49,995,870.00

from Medan embarkation point Rp51,145,139.00

from Batam embarkation point Rp53,833,934.00

from Padang embarkation point Rp51,739,357.00

from Palembang embarkation point Rp53,943,134.00

from Jakarta (Pondok Gede and Bekasi) embarkation point Rp58,498,334.00

from Solo embarkation point Rp58,562,008.00

from Surabaya embarkation point Rp60,526,334.00

from Balikpapan embarkation point Rp56,510,444.00

from Banjarmasin embarkation point Rp56,471,105.00

from Makassar embarkation point Rp60,245,355.00

from Lombok embarkation point Rp58,630,888.00

from Kertajati embarkation point Rp58,498,334.00.

The Hajj Travel Costs for Hajj pilgrims are used for Hajj flight costs, Mecca accommodation costs, some parts of Medina accommodation costs, living costs and visas.

Meanwhile, the amount of the Hajj Travel Costs sourced from regional Hajj officers (PHD) and Hajj and Umrah guidance group supervisors (KBIHU) is as follows:

from Aceh embarkation point Rp87,359,984.00

from Medan embarkation point Rp88,509,253.00

from Batam embarkation point Rp91,198,048.00

from Padang embarkation point Rp89,103,471.00

from Palembang embarkation point Rp91,307,248.00

from Jakarta (Pondok Gede and Bekasi) embarkation point Rp95,862,448.00

from Solo embarkation point Rp95,926,122.00

from Surabaya embarkation point Rp97,890,448.00

from Balikpapan embarkation point Rp93,874,558.00

from Banjarmasin embarkation point Rp93,835,219.00

from Makassar embarkation Rp97,609,469.00

from Lombok embarkation point Rp95,995,002.00

from Kertajati embarkation point Rp95,862,448.00.

The Hajj Travel Costs sourced from PHD and KBIHU are used for flight costs; accommodation; consumption; transportation; services in Arafah, Mudzalifah, and Mina; protection; services at embarkation or disembarkation points; immigration services; insurance premiums and other protection; travel documents; living costs; coaching pilgrims in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia; public services in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia; and management of the Hajj Administration Costs (BPIH).

The Presidential Decree also regulates the amount of BPIH in 1445 Hijriah/2024 CE which is sourced from the value of benefit used to pay the difference between BPIH and the Hajj Travel Costs (Bipih) amounting to Rp8,200,040,638,567.00. Meanwhile, the value of benefit for special Hajj pilgrims is Rp14,558,658,000.00.

“This Presidential Decree comes into force on the date of its stipulation,” reads the closing provision of Presidential Decree Number 6 of 2024.



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