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Huawei Supplier Convention 2023: Driving Collaboration and Innovation to Achieve Golden Indonesia 2045

M. Amru

Sabtu, 02 Desember 2023 - 07:43 WIB

Huawei Supplier Convention 2023
Huawei Supplier Convention 2023

Thepresidentpost.id - Jakarta - Huawei Indonesia recently organized its annual Huawei Indonesia Supplier Convention 2023 as an appreciation event for supplier partners in order to foster collaboration and innovation with all stakeholders and an effort to participate in the success of the government’s program in realizing the development of ICT network infrastructure towards Indonesia Emas 2045.

Present at the event with the theme, “For the Digital and Golden Future of Indonesia Collaborative, Innovative, Win-Win,” Minister of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia, Ida Fauziyah, Deputy Minister of Communication and Information Nezar Patria, and CEO of Huawei Indonesia, Mr. Long. Not only is the Huawei Supplier Convention an appreciation event for partners, but it is also a platform for sharing business strategies, future opportunities, and mutually beneficial collaborations for the more than 150 Huawei business partners who attended.

On this occasion, Huawei shared insights on the latest business trends in the ICT world for top management to strategically plan business strategies in line with emerging trends. In addition, Huawei introduced ICT solutions that suppliers can utilize for increased efficiency and quality during project implementation.

In her remarks, Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah expressed her appreciation for Huawei's contribution, which has employed 2,000 Indonesian workers and is in charge of 500 start-ups and MSMEs engaged in 15 subsidiary sectors, creating 20,000 jobs. Meanwhile, the 100,000 digital talents program has benefited 12,000 Indonesian technicians. “Our utmost appreciation goes to Huawei Tech Investment for their contribution to building the labor ecosystem in Indonesia,” said Ida Fauziyah.

Ida added that the Ministry of Manpower will continue to remain committed and work in collaboration with the Business and Industrial World (DUDI), ministries/institutions and local governments to further develop employment in Indonesia. “Collaboration between the government and the private sector, as well as local governments can promote competency improvement and human resource development in the field of digital-based employment,” said Ida.

Ida Fauziyah pointed out that the Ministry of Manpower's strategic partnership with Huawei is outlined in a memorandum of understanding covering three concerns. First, the improvement of the quality of human resources through vocational training and certification. Second, the training for Training for Trainer facilitators. Third, the implementation of human resource development and guidance in job training at height and the application of Occupational Safety and Health (K3). “Collaboration between the government and the private sector can also lead to a competent, certified workforce that complies with OHS elements,” she said.

In the meantime, Deputy Minister of Communication and Information Technology Nezar Patria remarked that the role of the digital economy in the global economy continues to experience a positive growth rate in line with the widespread implementation of information and communication technology (ICT) solutions. Based on World Bank data, the contribution of the digital economy to global gross domestic product (GDP) has reached the level of 15.5% by 2022.

This condition reflects the great potential in the global ICT business, including in Indonesia. Kominfo commends Huawei for establishing fruitful collaborations with local business partners so they could be involved in the digital transformation process in the country. “About 90% of Huawei's 250 suppliers are Indonesian companies. Needless to say, this should be greatly appreciated as it indicates Huawei's strong commitment to collaborate with its local partners to support digital transformation in Indonesia,” said Nezar Patria.

Guo Hailong, CEO of Huawei Indonesia expressed his appreciation for the support and cooperation from suppliers who have supported Huawei's business development in Indonesia. “To support Indonesia in becoming one of the global economic powerhouses, Huawei needs supplier partners in building 5G connectivity and fiber optic networks as well as digital power that is essential for the digital era ahead.”

Huawei Indonesia Supplier Convention 2023 is a gesture of appreciation which signifies continuous collaboration in effort to shape the digital future of Golden Indonesia. As part of its commitment in Indonesia, Huawei is guided by four pillars of commitment called 'Huawei I DO' — consisting of I Do Care, I Do Collaborate, I Do Create, and I Do Contribute — Huawei Indonesia continues to collaborate with the best partners focusing on improving the digital ecosystem.

With Huawei's extensive knowledge and technology, it is expected that its collaboration with various supplier partners can further contribute and create added value to build a fully connected, 5G-oriented, smarter, digital, and environmentally friendly Indonesia.

Meanwhile, CEO of PT. Adyawinsa Telecommunication & Electrical Rony Dosonugroho remarked, “Telecommunication industry will never stop to evolve. Together with Huawei, we will continue to build a stronger and mutually beneficial partnership to enhance digital transformation with 5G deployment and provide clean and green renewable energy.”

Furthermore, CEO of PT. China Comservice Indonesia Zhou Dao mentioned, “CCSI has experienced significant growth and expansion through our collaboration with Huawei. As a longstanding partner, we will continue to join forces with Huawei to continue fostering digital growth in Indonesia.”


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